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Phone: 718- 654- 1815

Social Action Center, Inc. has already posted signs at the entrance of each program indicating that non- essential visitors are not allowed.  Signs have also advised visitors about the transmission prevention and containment activities identified in the OPWDD guidance.

Pre-Entry Screening

Individuals, staff, and essential visitors will be screened prior to entry to the day program site.  The screener and individuals will be provided the necessary PPE e.g. gloves, mask or face shields. Staff will be provided with the appropriate thermometer for temperature check.  In addition the screener will ask the following questions. (1) Any covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days. (2) Any positive covid-19 test in the past 14 days. (3) Was there close contact with a confirmed or suspected -19 case in the past 14 days? (4) Did he/she travel from within one of the designated states with significant community spread?

A supervisor will review the assessment responses daily and attach her signature indicating the review was done.

Any individual or staff exhibiting signs or symptoms of covid-19 will not be allowed to enter the program.  They will be required to return home until they are fever free for 72 hours without the use of medications e.g. Advil or Tylenol.

Response to signs and symptoms and departure

Should an individual, staff or visitor fails the initial screening the person will be informed, separated from the other individuals. Arrangement will be made for transportation to home.  Staff and others will make their own transportation arrangement.  They will be advised to visit their health professional.  They will also be advised that the screening information will be relayed to the local Health Department and OPWDD.

Advise the person to inform SAC of the outcome of their health providers visit so that arrangement can be made for their return to the program.

Social Distancing Requirements:

Agency already measured the space and markers will be placed on the floor to indicate the 6 feet Social Distancing requirement.  Staff will educate individuals on how to adhere to spacing arrangement.  Most of the old furniture will be removed from the program and will be replaced with new individual furniture (e.g new desk or chairs if needed). In our effort to facilitate Social Distancing a schedule of individuals and staff break will be posted and followed.

Sac Inc. is administering the family survey and this will help to determine if the program service will be broken up into morning and afternoon services.

Gatherings in Enclosed Spaces

 The fifteen (15) individuals  size group will not be exceeded and the staffing will remain constant.  Individuals who take lunch from their home, and are able to will be allowed to use the microwave with staff supervision and both staff and individual wearing face masks.  One individual and one staff will be in the kitchen at anytime.

 As soon as the family surveys are returned to the Agency a determination will be made on if and how modifications can be made to service delivery.  This will include using technological devices which will enable the individuals to be serviced at home without being physically present in the day program.

Personal Protective Equipment   

 Before the Day Program reopens all staff will be trained on the proper use of PPE including how and where to dispose of them.

 The agency has already purchased an adequate supply of required PPE including face masks, gloves and has ordered a supply of face shields.  Staff and individuals who are high functioning will be instructed on the appropriate use.  Agency will maintain adequate supplies at all times.  Training records will be on staff files.

Hygiene and Cleaning

The facility has running cold and warm water and disposable paper towels to facilitate hand washing.  Wall- mounted soap dispenser is in each bathroom with liquid soap and dish washing liquid is in the kitchen. Hand sanitizing dispensers are mounted at the entrance to the facilities and inside the program and are filled with 60% alcohol sanitizing liquid.  Staff and individuals who are able to will receive training on the proper way to wash hands and wipe for at least 20 seconds, as per CDC guidance.

Staff and individuals and necessary visitors will be required to wash their hands or sanitize them before entry is granted to the program site.  Frequent hand washing before and after meals and bathroom use has always been part of the culture of SAC Inc.  The 20 seconds rule will enhance the practice with staff supervision.  The facility will be cleaned and disinfected daily and after each activity e.g. lunch/snack and the use of electronic equipment e.g. computer or TV remote.

Depending on the weather windows to the facility will be opened to expel air and admit fresh air.   Site cleaning logs will be kept by the supervisor and it will name the staff who did the cleaning, the date and time the cleaning was done and what was cleaned.

All cleaning products e.g. sanitizers and disinfectants will be kept in a storage outside the day program space.  Trash bags will be placed in the facilities where used items e.g gloves, paper towel and cleaning supplies will be placed for disposal.


Before each days pick up of individuals, the driver and the escort for each van will be screened for symptoms of covid-19.  The result of the screening will indicate a Y for symptoms and a N for no symptoms. The record will be kept by the supervisor.  To the extent possible staff and driver will transport individuals in their program.

The number of individuals attending the program daily will determine if the capacity of the vans will be reduced to 50 percent.  Staff and driver will always wear face coverings in the vehicle.  Individuals will be encouraged to wear face masks.  Those who are unable to tolerate face coverings will transported by themselves.

The interior of each van will be cleaned and disinfected each morning before the pick up starts and at the end of each trip.  Depending on the weather the van windows will be rolled down to permit air flow.

Tracing and tracking

The agency keeps records of employees and will collect pertinent information from visitors. So if a staff or visitors test positive this information will be sent to OPWDD and the local health department.  The person involved will be informed that SAC Inc. has a responsibility to make this information available to the above mentioned government agencies.

Additional Safety Plan Measures

Individuals whose families are unable to provide face coverings will receive these items from the agency to help ensure their safety and protection.

Staff and individuals who are able will be encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevators, this will help reduce contact with persons who are not part of the program.