Community Habilitation



Community Habilitation is designed to teach individuals adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully at home and in community settings. Activities are implemented to assist our individuals in becoming more independent by assisting them with problem solving and decision making.

 Each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are outlined into a Community Habilitation Plan developed together with the individual, his or her family, the MSC and the program supervisor.

 A Direct Care worker is assigned to work with each individual on a one-to-one basis or a group basis if more than one person is receiving services in the home. The direct care worker assists the individual with working on a group of valued outcomes to develop skills such as writing, academics, independent living, money management, travel education and socialization.

 There are many options to Community Habilitation, such as Agency Directed, where the agency is responsible for recruiting a direct care worker and is responsible for the hiring process from the background check to validating references. The service can also be Family Directed where the advocate for the individual receiving service is responsible for recruiting their own direct care worker. The service can also be Self-Directed where the individual receiving service can recruit their own worker.